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Windows Server 2003 20 Device CALs Only

Item #: MSWC0320
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    Product Features

    Authorize more users to access your Windows Server 2003. Now you have the choice of licensing users or devices. A User client will cover a particular user's access to the server software from work PCs and laptops, as well as from home PCs, PDAs, Internet kiosks, and other devices. Per-User vs. per-Device: purchasing a Windows User client might make more sense if your company has a need for employees to have roaming access using multiple devices. Windows Device clients may make more sense if your company has multiple-shift workers who share devices. Note: Client Access Licenses must have the same or a later version number than the corresponding version number of the Server Software being used. This item is for Windows Server 2003 Standard (not Small Business Server 2003) This is an add-on license. Media is not included.

    Mfg P/N: R18-00910

    Additional Information
    Depending on availability, you may receive this product as an electronic license in the Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP) instead of the physical product. R18-00146 will be the Microsoft part number registered if the electronic license is utilized.
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